Recent additions to the Powerwrap Approved Products List


Recently, Powerwrap has added the following funds to our Approved Products List (APL). Some are subject to close. If you are an adviser who would like access to any of these funds please raise a ticket through Hive or the Service Desk.

PIM9253AUATLAS Infrastructure Australian Feeder Fund (Hedged)The investment strategy of the Fund is to invest in the Underlying Fund which will invest in a moderately diversified portfolio of global infrastructure equity securities. Hedged.PIM6769AUATLAS Infrastructure Australian Feeder Fund (Unhedged) The investment strategy of the Fund is to invest in the Underlying Fund which will invest in a moderately diversified portfolio of global infrastructure equity securities. Unhedged.

APIR CODEFund Manager – Managed FundDescription
FSF1773AUColonial First State Asian Growth Fund – Class A 

The fund’s strategy is to invest primarily in equities issued by companies that are established, operating or have their economic activity mainly in the Asia region, excluding Japan (including Australasia).

FSF8443AUColonial First State Global Emerging Markets Focus Fund – Class A 

The Fund invests primarily in large and mid-capitalisation securities in emerging economies, including those of companies listed on developed market exchanges whose activities predominantly take place in emerging market countries.

FSF1241AUCS Global Listed Infrastructure Securities – Class A 

The option invests in shares of infrastructure companies around the world. The infrastructure sector includes operating assets from the transport, utilities, energy and communications sectors. The assets held by these companies typically offer high barriers to entry, pricing power, and structural growth.

Off-PlatformIPO Wealth 

The fund provides wholesale investors with an opportunity to achieve investment returns via term-based investment options.

PRM8798AUMutual High Yield fund 

The Fund’s objective is  to  source  and  actively  manage  a  portfolio  of high  yielding  credit  securities, delivering  a  high  running  yield  with  capital  stability.  The  Investment  Manager  will  use  its  skill  and expertise to identify and execute opportunities that offer an attractive risk/return trade off.

Off-PlatformFive V Fund III 

A collaborative approach focused on assisting leading businesses across Australia and New Zealand. The company’s goal is to support businesses to build sustainable leading positions in their markets both organically and by acquisition.

Off-PlatformBarwon Morayfield Finance Trust 

Barwon Property Finance focusses on partnering with developers, advisors, capital arrangers and other funders to build long lasting, supportive relationships. Barwon provides funding across Australia and the capital stack, to all forms of residential and commercial developments and existing property.

MAA7333AAUMoelis Australia Secured Loan Series Fund  (APIR: MAA7333AU) 

Diversified exposure to a portfolio of first mortgage loans over Australian property Target yield of 7.0% to 8.5% pa (net of fees) Open-ended fund term

MAA8010AUMoelis Australia Fixed Income Fund (APIR: MAA8010AU) 

Moelis Australia has opened a fixed income fund for investment. The Moelis Australia Fixed Income Fund invests in a diversified portfolio of credit investments. The fund will target returns of the RBA cash rate plus 4 per cent per annum net of fees and will distribute monthly.

JBM7543AUJB Alpha 

The Fund has a focus on an actively managed portfolio of exchange-traded futures and option. The Fund may also invest directly in equities listed on leading exchanges in Australia and offshore, and can hold relatively large cash exposures.

 Off-PlatformPacific Equity Partners Fund VI 

Extraordinary management teams achieving long term average profit growth between 15-20% and annual leveraged returns of 25-30%

ETL0480AUPartners Group Global Real Estate Fund 

The Fund seeks to provide investors with attractive long-term capital appreciation by investing in a globally diversified portfolio of real estate and related investments by investing in the Underlying Fund

OPS7755AUChester Asset Management High Conviction Fund 

The CHCF is a differentiated Australian equity fund. Predominantly Australian equities portfolio with the right to invest up to 20% of its assets in Asia, Concentrated, high-conviction portfolio with between 25-40 stocks, Highly Index unaware, with better sector diversification than the ASX300 universe, Focus on risk adjusted returns and capital preservation.

ETL2760AUNewgate Pty Ltd 

The Fund aims to generate absolute returns of 10 – 12% per annum after all fees over the medium to long term1. As an absolute return fund. The Fund aims to generate absolute returns by exploiting inefficiencies in the pricing of real estate and infrastructure related securities listed (or expected to be listed) on a public exchange, predominantly in Australia.


The Fund will invest in AREITs and cash/fixed interest. The Fund will not invest in direct property. We will continually review and, if appropriate, reweight the Fund’s investments with the objective of optimising the Fund’s distributable income. The Constitution allows us to borrow on behalf of the Fund.


The Fund will invest primarily in REITs listed on the securities exchanges of the Asia Region (including, but not limited to, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan and New Zealand, but excluding Australia) as well as cash and fixed interest investments. The Fund will not invest in direct property.

WHT3859AUSolaris Australian Equity long Short Fund 

Typically 40-70 long securities and 20-30 short securities. The Fund can invest in listed Australian securities, as well as in securities expected to be listed on an Australian exchange.


The Fund is designed for equity investors seeking: ++ lower volatility; ++ reduced downside risk in falling equity markets; and ++ the potential for long term capital growth and some income, including franked Australian dividend income. The Fund invests mainly in Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) listed shares with up to 20% of its assets in global developed market shares and has the ability to hold up to 20% in cash.

OMF1140AULakehouse Global Growth Fund 

The Investment Manager’s strategy for the Fund is to invest the majority of assets in a high conviction portfolio of 20 to 40 companies with expected long-term growth with a focus on mid- and large-capitalisation companies listed in developed markets. The Fund will typically hold 5% to 15% of assets in cash but may hold up to 25% based on the prevailing opportunity set.

Off-PlatformCloudBreak – IM (crypto-currency) 

Cloudbreak Asset Management were one of the first crypto hedge funds to launch in Australia. They aim to simplify the process for investors to be able to invest in the cryptocurrency asset class. They have extensive experience in financial markets and have leveraged experience from this across to their approach to investing in cryptocurrency.

CHN1425AUChannel Capital – CC JCB Global Bond Fund (Unhedged) 

To outperform the Bloomberg Barclays Global G7 Total Return Index Value Hedged in AUD and with better risk-adjusted returns (after fees) on a rolling three-year basis. To use fundamental and technical analysis to make individual bond security selections and adjust duration exposures (against the Benchmark) with a view to generating the optimal risk-adjusted portfolio.

CHN4711AUChannel Capital – CC JCB Global Bond Fund (Hedged) 


SCH0035AUSchroder Equity Opportunities Fund (SCH0035AU) 

The Schroder Equity Opportunities strategy provides exposure to a range of quality stocks, listed in Australia/New Zealand. These companies are characterised by strong returns on capital and a sustainable business franchise offering pricing power and control over business direction.

SCH0095AUSchroder Global recovery Fund (SCH0095AU) 

The Schroder Global Recovery Fund applies a disciplined value investment approach, seeking to invest in a select portfolio of securities that are significantly undervalued relative to their long-term earnings potential. The Fund invests in companies worldwide that exhibit classic recovery characteristics; companies that trade on low multiples of recoverable profits with good long-term prospects.

MAQ5143AUP/E Global FX Alpha 

P/E Global’s investment process involves the use of a disciplined and dynamic quantitative model to determine positions held by the Fund. The model relies on statistical analysis to forecast returns and volatilities for currencies based on underlying fundamental factors which P/E Global believes drive exchange rates.

IML0341AULoomis Sayles Global Equity Fund 

The Fund invests primarily in common stocks of companies globally. The Fund invests in the securities of companies with three alpha drivers: quality, intrinsic value growth and valuation. The Fund focuses on approximately 35-65 securities which demonstrate these three alpha drivers.

Off-PlatformFemale Leaders Fund – Acorns 

Acorn Capital believes that emerging Australian companies provide investors with the ability access attractive financial returns, portfolio diversification and deliver outsized economic impacts for the broader Australian economy. Our investment approach seeks to identify the best investments within an industry. This next generation of Australian corporate success stories are often associated with high levels of productivity and innovation, as well as new employment opportunities for Australian workers. Acorn Capital distinguishes itself on the basis of its relatively large research and investment team with expertise across all industries and its focus on providing expansion capital to developing companies.

Off-Platform130 Queen Street Trust 

130 Queen Street is a rare opportunity that affords investors the chance to invest in a true Brisbane landmark for the first time in over 23 years. The Property comprises approximately 3,771sqm of NLA within Brisbane’s premier retail precinct and trades 7 days and 7 nights a week. The property is currently 100% leased with a 5.4-year WALE and only two lease expiries are expected over the proposed 3-year investment term.

IM BasedThe Impact Fund 

Opportunity to invest into a portfolio of are housed Assets (to be transferred to the Fund), delivering a running yield of 6.7% and expected net long-term return of 7.0%-10.0% per annum, while having a measurable social and environmental benefit.

PIM7802AUFairlight Asset Management 

The Fund will invest in a portfolio of global small and mid capitalisation companies drawn from international equity markets outside Australia. The Fund takes a bottom up approach to investing with deep fundamental research of both the quantitative and qualitative aspects of investee companies.