At Powerwrap, our team of professional and knowledgeable staff all have extensive industry experience. It is this quality of staff that is one of the key elements that sets us apart as a sophisticated & wholesale investor platform. It’s through the staff’s hard work, determination and passion, that the platform has continuously been able to move forward and continuously grow clients and funds on the platform. Powerwrap is in its 10th year of operation and has hit over $7.7bn in funds under administration. One of the key reasons for the continued growth is our point of difference and we believe that we are uniquely positioned as the only sophisticated & wholesale investor platform in Australia. We have the broadest product access in the market because over the years our open architecture has allowed us to listen to your product requests and get all of your investment product onto the platform. Because of this open architecture we are in a position to benefit from the financial services Royal Commission and to continue to grow the number of advisers using our services. A key milestone for Powerwrap the business is the IPO on the Australian Stock  Exchange and it is one that we have been working on for a long period of time. We are pleased to announce that we have lodged our prospectus with the Australian Stock Exchange and the anticipated timing is to list in May 2019. The planning and execution has been a long process taking several months of hard work and effort by management and staff. We believe the disclosure and governance that comes with being an ASX listed business will benefit, not only us, but also your end clients and all the users of the platform. So on behalf of our shareholders and clients, we look forward to looking after you and your company’s needs and to supporting your clients to pursue their goals.