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Powerwrap is an unconstrained, next generation wealth management platform.

Our goal is to unleash the full potential of adviser and client relationships.

Powerwrap’s innovative, institutional-grade wealth management platform is used by advisers and brokers to administer, manage and report on their client portfolios.

We provide access to the broadest range of investments in the Australian platform market, from the world’s best managers. All through a single investment account.

Our platform includes a comprehensive set of administration and reporting tools for portfolio management. We also have an experienced in-house execution team to manage trades and transactions across a broad range of asset classes.

Powerwrap offers a unique back office service for teams of brokers or advisers looking to start their own business, Tickr.

Tickr takes care of premises, licensing, technology, compliance, finance and payroll, giving brokers and wealth advisers the freedom to focus on what they do best – building long-term, value-adding relationships with their clients. Learn more about Tickr here.


Why Powerwrap

Your shape becomes our shape

At Powerwrap, we understand that each business is different and has different needs.

Our services have been designed with this is mind, so advisers, brokers and wealth managers can choose which of our services they want to utilise, and what they prefer to manage in-house.

So however you choose to work, Powerwrap is here to help.

Comfort in security

Powerwrap operates an IDPS-Like Managed Investment Scheme, and Retail Superannuation and Pension Funds. This structure imposes the highest level of regulatory compliance on Powerwrap, meaning you can have confidence that all assets are being held in a regulated structure with a Responsible Entity.

Powerwrap partners with quality firms and some of our industry’s best known brands to deliver a comprehensive, clever solution that hits the mark.

Clients at the forefront

At Powerwrap, our clients are the heart of everything we do. We work hard to make sure that we understand your business and your clients, and can readily tailor our offering to meet your needs.

Powerwrap’s platform service is accessible 24/7, providing full online functionality for all portfolio transactions, reporting and tax management.

Trading and Execution

Unlike any other platform, we also have an experienced in-house intermediary desk that can provide a full range of execution services for options, domestic and international listed securities, Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs), bonds, and margin lending.

Powerwrap also provides full corporate action management and mailbox facility for all personal HIN assets.

Freedom of choice

Powerwrap’s platform philosophy is to provide the most unconstrained platform service possible.

This freedom compared to our larger institutional peers means we provide access to a wider range of asset classes, products and markets. This in turn gives you the freedom to devise truly tailored investment strategies.

Our menu includes retail and wholesale only managed funds, all ASX listed securities, international securities from over 19 international exchanges, cash, fixed interest and Term Deposit products, options, international and domestic bonds, margin lending, SMA model portfolios and insurance products; the options are vast, and the opportunities great.

Our People

Michael Ohanessian

My role at Praemium is the culmination of an interesting and varied career. Following 10 years at Mobil, I joined BCG, consulting in banking, airlines, mining and biotech. As CEO I and my team transformed Vision BioSystems from an unprofitable contract manufacturer into a vertically integrated, profitable business with distribution to 60 countries. At Praemium, my team is building a cutting edge, integrated technology and investment solution to transform the wealth management industry.In Australia we are witnessing a sea change away from wraps. Praemium’s MA platform was the original player in 2005. Today, the MA market is the fastest-growing sector of the platform space, and Praemium is the clear market leader. Indeed, 13 other platforms have now followed our lead and are adopting MA technology, which is a great endorsement of our strategy. I believe strongly that MA is the future and am proud that Praemium is at the leading edge.

Anna Itsiopoulos

Chief Operating Officer - Praemium Australia
I have over 30 years’ experience leading businesses in the financial services industry across sales, operations, service, superannuation, investments, insurance and wrap platforms.I am passionate about putting people, customers and purpose at the heart of commercial decision making, and I believe in the power of communication, engagement and a unifying purpose to achieve amazing outcomes in the businesses I lead. Fostering a culture of innovation is also a key focus of mine.Another passion of mine is developing people and I have dedicated significant time to mentoring and coaching talented leaders. I wrote my MBA thesis on employee engagement, and understand deeply what it takes to engage the hearts and minds of my people.I believe we should never stop learning, both through formal education and in the various roles we hold in our careers.  I hold a Bachelor of Business, an MBA, and am a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.In my role at Praemium, Chief Operating Officer Australia, I am responsible for leading the functions of Sales, Implementations, Client Service, Administration, Investment Operations, Tax and Corporate Actions.

James Edmonds

Chief Operating Officer - Powerwrap
James has had a long career with a number of top tier firms including State Street, Deutsche Bank and, more recently, Morgan Stanley. He has worked in Europe and the U.S.A. As Head of Investment Platforms, James was responsible for building Morgan Stanley Australia’s global SMA solution and managed key relationships with Praemium and Ausmaq.

Mat Walker

Chief Commercial Officer
I joined the company in 2017 after developing and running a successful investment platform, investment management and managed accounts business using Praemium as the technology and administration partner.Having spent the past 30 years in leadership and executive directorship roles covering financial planning, investment platforms, investment management and managed accounts I feel I’m in a great position to understand the history of the industry, client and adviser needs and the next evolution of investment platforms and solutions.I am passionate in the belief that many more Australians need access to great quality financial advice and engagement supported by affordable, innovative and transparent investment solutions. I see integrated Managed Accounts platforms as the next generation solution beyond wrap platforms with managed accounts tacked on. A solution that currently only Praemium can truly deliver, in my opinion.I’m as passionate about this as I am about my family and the Hawthorn Football Club.

Paul Gutteridge

Chief Financial Officer & Company Secretary
I have over 20 years’ experience leading businesses in the financial services and information technology sectors.I joined Praemium in 2011, with a focus to drive business performance and am passionate about working in entrepreneurial, fast-growing businesses.  As a global technology provider with market leading solutions, I am focused on contributing to Praemium delivering on its opportunities.I am a Chartered Accountant and hold a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Melbourne. In my role as CFO at Praemium, I am responsible for overseeing the financial strategies of the Group and managing the areas of accounting, tax, corporate governance, compliance, investor relations, company secretarial and treasury.

Board Members

Barry Lewin

Barry Lewin was appointed as a non-executive chairman on 12 May 2017. Barry has significant experience advising public and private companies in transaction structuring, debt and equity issues, mergers, acquisitions, business sales and public floats. Prior to establishing SLM Corporate Pty Ltd in 1999, Barry spent twelve years as in-house counsel to leading Australian public companies, including diversified international resource company North Limited, managing their legal and commercial Australian and international interests.Barry is currently non-executive chairman for ASX-listed entities Elmo Software (ELO) and QuickFee (QFE). He has previous experience as Director of ASX-listed companies Senetas Corporation Limited (1999-2001) and Clean TeQ Holdings Limited (2007-2011), where he also served as Chairman of the Audit Committee. Barry has degrees in Commerce and Law and holds an MBA from Swinburne University, Melbourne.

Stuart Robertson

Non-Executive Director
Stuart Robertson was appointed as a non-executive director on 12 May 2017. Stuart has broad experience in business advisory, investment banking, wrap platforms, alternative investments and funds management. He held senior roles at BT Funds Management, KBC Investments Limited and Zurich Financial Services in Australia, London and New York and is currently the head of private assets and distribution at Ellerston Capital Limited.Stuart is non-executive chairman of Money3 Corporation Limited (since November 2018, director since January 2016). Stuart chairs the Group’s Audit, Risk & Compliance Committee and is a member of the Group’s Remuneration Committee. Stuart is a Chartered Accountant, Fellow of FINSIA, Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and holds an MBA from the MGSM.

Daniel Lipshut

Non-Executive Director
Daniel Lipshut was appointed as a non-executive director on 12 May 2017. Daniel has over 25 years’ experience as a company director, including more than 15 years as CEO of both large listed and small private corporations.Daniel spent 5 years as a Director of listed services company BSA Limited (2002-2007), including 3 years as joint Managing Director. Daniel is currently co-owner and Managing Director of Intercorp Pty Ltd, which provides international trade, advice and representation to large multinational companies. Daniel is also the Managing Director of Israel Aerospace Systems Limited, co-founder of One Atmosphere Pty. Limited, a Tasmanian start-up developing helicopter safety systems and a Director of Sunnyvale Ventures Australia and Positively Buoyant Consulting.Daniel chairs the Group’s Remuneration Committee and is also a member of the Audit, Risk & Compliance Committee. Daniel is a graduate of the AICD and Defence Industry Study Course (DISC), and holds an MBA from the University of Technology Sydney.

Claire Willette

Non-Executive Director
Claire Willette was appointed as a non-executive director on 28 August 2017. Her career has spanned national security, emerging technologies and critical infrastructure sectors, with a focus on developing governance frameworks, supply chain planning, risk management and performance/program management. Claire brings a wealth of experience as a senior executive in the United States Department of Defense, the Australian Department of Defence and in the private sector, most recently with Boeing. Claire has managed a wide variety of projects both in scale and complexity, including whole-of-government initiatives and national projects.Claire is an Associate of, and sat on the Board of Directors for, the Australian Risk Policy Institute and is a Senior Expert Advisor to the International Standards Committee in the areas of Risk, Resilience and Business Continuity.Claire is a member of the Group’s Audit, Risk & Compliance Committee and Remuneration Committee. She has a BA from George Mason University (US) and a Masters of International Relations from Cambridge University (UK).

Anthony Wamsteker

Non-Executive Director
Anthony brings over 30 years’ experience in financial services, including nine years as the founding CEO of ME Bank and 12 years in the Funds Management division of National Mutual/AXA. Anthony also brings extensive board experience, most recently as the Chairman of Powerwrap Limited which he held from January 2018 to October 2020.

Michael Ohanessian

Managing Director & CEO
Michael Ohanessian was appointed as Chief Executive Officer in August 2011, and re-appointed as Managing Director in May 2018. Michael’s executive experience in technology-related businesses brings a mixture of operational, strategic and leadership capabilities to this role. Following a ten-year career at Mobil Oil, Michael joined the Boston Consulting Group where he consulted to clients in industries such as banking, airlines, mining, packaging, sports, oil and gas, retailing and biotechnology.As the CEO of Vision BioSystems, a division of the publicly listed Vision Systems, he transformed the business over seven years from a small unprofitable contract manufacturer into a vertically integrated, profitable and growing medical diagnostics business with distribution to over 60 countries. He is also currently non-executive director at Bluechiip Limited, and holds a BS and MBA from Melbourne University.

Paul Gutteridge

CFO/Company Secretary
Paul Gutteridge joined Praemium in 2011 and brings significant experience from finance roles across Australia, UK and Canada over the past 20 years. Following his early career at Ernst & Young, he has held senior finance roles at Damovo (Australia), Telstra Business Systems and Netspace, where he led the company’s divestment to iiNet Limited in 2010.At Praemium, Paul’s responsibilities include overseeing the financial strategies of the Group and managing the areas of accounting, tax, corporate governance, compliance, investor relations, human resources, company secretary and treasury. Paul is a Chartered Accountant and holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Melbourne.


Powerwrap is a wholly owned subsidiary of Praemium.

Powerwrap was acquired by Praemium in September, 2020.

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About Praemium

Innovation is in our DNA.

Through technology, we have taken a highly complex and time-consuming process and simplified it. Big time. We’ve taken a revolutionary approach to a totally disrupted market. Our platform solution is so good that it’s grown in usage in 17 years across the globe to almost 1,000 financial institutions and over 500,000 investors.

From the beginning we have crafted and optimised our technology in collaboration with financial professionals, to build the ideal next-generation platform that provides a great client experience. Praemium’s fully integrated account management platform is so flexible there’s a managed account offer to suit clients, great or small.

Subject to your global geographic location, now your entire client list can enjoy the benefits of managed accounts, with or without custody, for investment and retirement savings and support the variety of tailored advice strategies you develop across your client base. For example, you can see all your portfolios in the one place.

Your clients can see all of their investment assets in one place and for custodial solutions, every portfolio of every client is automatically kept in-line with its investment strategy by Praemium’s world-class rebalancing engine. As a global company based in Australia, Praemium’s proprietary integrated Managed Accounts platform uniquely serves Australia, UK and International markets with our mission: “To assist wealth advisers to deliver great investor experiences and outcomes”​.

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