Are you starting your own wealth business?


Tickr is our flexible business solution.



Tickr is Powerwrap’s innovative turnkey service solution for advisers and wealth management professionals. It was born out of our unique heritage in helping groups branch out on their own. ‍

With the number of wealth management professionals and advisers seeking the freedom and autonomy of running their own wealth management practices, or joining boutique firms, on the rise; we understand how important it is that the right partnerships are in place, so you can take that first step.

Tickr can help you move away from the traditional transactional approach of a broking business to a more holistic approach to wealth management that includes building wealth as well as long lasting relationships with your clients.


What does Tickr offer?

  • Freedom – You will have the option of running your own practice with all the services available to an institutional broker.
  • Convenience – Be part of an efficient framework that delivers a tailored environment for you and your clients.
  • Time Saving – Focus on a holistic approach to advising, investing and managing assets for your clients and build long lasting relationships.
  • Cost Effective – Choose from our tailored and flexible offerings to suit your budget and business model.


Contact Us –
If you are interested in Tickr solutions and would like to find out more about how we can help you start your own business or you are interested in pricing/costs, please contact us and one of our representatives will be in touch.