Enhancements to your Service Desk

We have enhanced your Service Desk experience

As a part of our ongoing commitment to improving our systems and processes, we are delighted to bring to you a brand-new Service Desk experience to help make your interactions with us efficient and effortless.

The new Service Desk:

  • Adapts to each user, giving you a highly personalised experience when raising requests. It can now capture your most recently used request forms and display them on the Home screen for easy access.


  • Has improved navigation with simple drop-down menus for requests and built in forms all in one place, giving you a dynamic user experience and quick access to forms without going through multiple screens.


  • Allows you to easily navigate between forms when raising a request, with the introduction of a new drop-down form menu.


  • Now includes a Global Search functionality allowing you to easily search for all request types and forms related to those request types.


  • Helpful tips and information regarding each form field is now included under each field.


Download a step by step guide on whats new.

If you need more information, please do not hesitate to contact us on 03 8681 4600 or contact your Relationship Manager.