Meet Shareen Devi



Each month we give our readers a little insight into a Powerwrap team member by asking them ten questions about their role, life and personality. This issue we speak to Shareen Devi from the Powerwrap Relationship Management team.

Name: Shareen Devi

Company Role: Relationship Manager

What does your role at Powerwrap entail?

Managing client and business partner relationships, by using data to look for trends and problems, and analyse communications, contracts, and negotiations.

Choose your Mr. Men to describe your work personality?

  • Mr Chatterbox

Are you more of a hunter or a gatherer?

  • I would say a bit of both, you need a balance in Financial Services.

What nickname do you prefer to be called?

  • I do not really have a nickname as such but some people call me Devi.

The biggest achievement to date – personal or professional?

  • Personal achievement – My two beautiful kids and a wonderful husband.
  • Professional achievement – Working overseas, managing several teams overseas, reporting to multiple Heads of business.

What do you like most about Powerwrap?

  • The team, the people in it and the energy the business is driven by.

What were you like in high school?

  • Believe it or not I was very shy, quiet and timid.

What’s your favorite 80-90s jam?

  • Mariah Carey – Hero

Which AFL team do you support?

  • The winning team !