Meet the Team – Joe Raso

Each month we give our readers a little insight into a Powerwrap team member by asking them ten questions about their role, life and personality. This issue we speak to Joe Raso from the Powerwrap team.

Name: Joe Raso
Company Role: Manager Client Services & Payments

  • What does your role at Powerwrap entail? I manage a team of seven and together we look after and manage client service payments.
  • Choose your Mr. Men to describe your work personality? That would have to be Mr.Happy. A bright yellow circle with a big smile… that would definitely be me.
  • Are you more of a hunter or a gatherer? I would have to be a gatherer. I focus my energy on my team and their impact within the company and wider community.
  • What nickname do you prefer to be called? “Joey Jimmy”
  • The biggest achievement to date – personal or professional? My beautiful three girls and professionally would have to be Powerwrap listing on the ASX last month.
  • What do you like most about Powerwrap? Hands down it would have to be the people I work with. They care about me as a person and about my professional growth. There is a real spirit of comradery which makes it a fun place to work.
  • What were you like in high school? I was the school captain. School was all about sport, sport, sport. I was good at Football, Hockey, Cricket and Basketball.
  • What’s your favourite 80-90s jam? INXS
  • Which AFL team do you support? Go Carlton!