Achieve Control, Growth and Freedom

Welcome to Powerwrap’s enterprise support framework

Founded in 2008, Powerwrap is a public, ASX listed company with over 300 shareholders, an experienced management team and offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth. On our journey to become the largest unconstrained and most innovative institutional grade wealth management platform in Australia, Powerwrap transformed into a high net wealth institutional style platform in 2013, tailored for the needs of private client firms, wealth advisers and brokers.

Today Powerwrap administers over $8.1bn in assets (June 2019) on behalf of over 145 AFSL holders and their clients, and is the primary support platform for some of this country’s most prestigious advice brands.

Turnkey support services

Powerwrap’s turnkey support services provide tools and infrastructure that will allow investment advisers and wealth management professionals to maximise value from their clients and/or establish their own firm. You have the freedom to utilize our turnkey support solutions from end-to-end, or choose the elements that best fit your needs and business model. Our core investment administration and reporting platform can be layered with all the back-office support you require to be set up and running quickly under our AFSL, or transition to managing your own firm if you desire.

What we can do for you

Licensing Options

Irrespective of the model of practice you choose, or the licensing arrangements that suit best, Powerwrap has a range of solutions designed to reduce your time on non-revenue generating activities and achieve a greater share of wallet than you currently enjoy.


Depending on your choice of licensing, Powerwrap can provide some or all the following services:

  • Authorisation or transition support to your own license
  • Facilities such as workspace, computers, phones and reception
  • Full finance function including cashflow modelling, payroll, budgeting, BAS, GST registration, super, audit management etc
  • Legal and compliance support covering full risk framework, AML, FSG, SOA’s Incident registers and insurances etc
  • Asset trading and reporting technology e.g IRESS/Wrap Platform
  • Managed fund and stock research
  • Transitional financing support


Along with facilitating an easy and seamless transition to your new model, Powerwrap potentially offers greater control, growth and operational freedom. Our solution enables you to focus on your clients while we look after the infrastructure needs of your business.


You will have the option of running your own practice with all the services available to an institutional broker.


An efficient framework that delivers a tailored environment for you and your clients.

Time Saving

Focus on what you do best – advising, investing and managing assets for your clients.

Cost Effective

Tailored and flexible offerings to suit any budget.

Commercial benefits

Clearing and Execution

We understand the key underlying costs of running your own business are Clearing & Execution costs. With Powerwrap’s trading volume of $5.5bn per year, we can provide you with low cost Clearing and Execution.

Administration Platform

Powerwrap will provide access to our leading transaction and reporting platform at institutional rates commensurate with your practice scale and potential.

Find out more

If you are interested in our turnkey support solutions and would like to find out more on how we can help you start your own business,  please contact us and one of our representatives will be in touch.